ANA is a fast paced online arena shooter emphasizes on fluid combat system, fair competition and an unique combined weapon system.

In this game, the player will become a pilot of Advanced Neuro-controlled Android, a.k.a. ANA, joins a fight between other elite pilots all over the world in a virtual arena.

This game have an unique “Combined weapon system” which lets the player switch between 4 weapons with different key combinations. The player will be able to decide how to engage every battle with their choice of weapon, which contains machine gun, shotgun, grenade launcher and rail gun. The player also don't need to reload, either.

To make the fight more balance, all players will have to use the same weapon set for battle, all players will have the same initial ammo count, and after the player respawn, all the ammo counts will be reset to default, the player will have to collect ammo in the map themselves, meaning that not only the player needs fast reflexes, they also need to remember the map to achieve victory. Only the one who has not only skills but also experience can the true champion!




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2018 A+創意季

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